The project is called OSLO RESIDENCE because it embodies Norwegian urban design with its central location in an area with existing infrastructure and for its quality and architecture.

The Mindaugo district is an attractive, downtown space which is not yet fully utilized. It brings the OSLO RESIDENCE project to life and represents a sound investment. With both time and fuel becoming increasingly precious commodities, the residents of urban areas are starting to appreciate living close to the things that they need access to every day.

The OSLO RESIDENCE means urban living in modern apartments in the central part of Vilnius, an area that is rapidly gaining an attractive and appealing appearance. The development has been designed for active people who appreciate an urban pace of life: having the winding streets of old town as their backyard, not having to waste time sitting in traffic jams, saving money by not having to drive and being able to spend more time with family and friends.

The Project includes both the COMFORT HOTEL LT - ROCK’N’ROLL VILNIUS (www.comforthotel.lt) and the OSLO RESIDENCE complex. The hotel is designed to be a partition, shielding the residential complex from the rather busy intersection of Mindaugo and Kauno streets.  OSLO RESIDENCE consists of three residential houses each with a different but complementary architectural style that will sit easily alongside the early 20th century and inter-war architecture of Vilnius Old Town.

All of those houses have been already built and commissioned to the state commission. The blocks embrace a closed inner courtyard with playgrounds, paths, recreation zones, complete with landscaping, planted areas and lawn. The Project in unique for having a designed public space – the OSLO RESIDENCE park – encircled by cosy coffee shops, small bakeries and other service facilities. This already become a charming spot to meet friends and neighbours or just to sit on a bench over a coffee, enjoying a beautiful day.

Here was unveiled a sculpture of the legendary musician and songwriter of The Beatles, John Lennon.

Oslo Namai, 2015 © Visos teisės saugomos.